Akita puppies for sale in PA

Akita puppies for sale in Pa and other states. To learn more about the Akita dog breed, just keep reading:

The Akita is a large and powerful dog with a variable temperament requiring experienced handling. Originating in Japan the Akita was originally developed in the 19th century as a fighting dog. Some countries now regard the American Akita as a separate breed than that of the Japanese Akita, also known as the Japanese Akita Inu. Despite its size and sometimes willful and aloof behavior, the Akita makes a great family dog with its intelligence and affectionate loyalty.


The Akita has a double coat much like those of the other breeds of the Spitz or Nordic family. The color of the Japanese Akita is a distinctive red-fawn with white markings while the American Akita can be any color although typically the colors are fawn with black overlays and white markings.


Muscular, large and well-built, this strikingly handsome breed has a deep, wide chest and a well proportioned head with triangular erect ears and, in the American Akita, a dark face mask. They have a thick bushy tail which curls over their backs. The height of the Akita ranges from 23-28 inches and there weight can vary from 65 to 115 pounds with the Japanese Akita usually ranging smaller than that of its close American cousin.


The temperament of the Akita breed is alert and dignified, usually friendly and docile, and very courageous. They are affectionate and loving with its family but can be aggressive and willful if not trained properly. Care must be taken that their rules are set at an early age as they have a tendency to become domineering, especially with other dogs. With the right owner, the Akita makes an outstanding pet and/or guardian of the family.

Akita puppies for sale in PA and surrounding states

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