American Bulldog puppies for sale in PA

Looking for American Bulldog puppies for sale in Pa? See available American Bulldog puppies. To Learn more about the American Bulldog breed, keep reading:

Loyal, brave and reliable! The American Bulldog was developed to be a more versatile, active and taller breed than that of its English counterpart. The ancestors of this breed were most common in the Southern US primarily due to the problem that existed there of feral hogs. The standard American Bulldog we have today originates from these “varmint” dogs with a few slight breeding modifications, although few American Bulldog owners report taking their dogs out in the wild and chasing feral hogs with them, and this feature is generally no longer included in breeder programs.


The coat of the American Bulldog is short and smooth with a variety of possible color patterns. Their colors are often predominately white with markings of any combinations of red, black, fawn, or brindle colors.


American Bulldogs are well-built and stocky with a large, broad head and a broad chest. Their height ranges from 20-27 inches and their weight is approximately 60-125 pounds with the females being significantly smaller than that of the male.


This breed is determined, loyal, and confident. They are usually out-going and friendly with children especially those of its immediate family and will be very protective. They make great family pets and/or guardians when taught properly at an early age and when socialized regularly with people and other dogs. They are energetic and need plenty of exercise; without, they can become hard to manage and aggressive. Ready to find your new American Bulldog puppy? Just check out the link below!

American Bulldog puppies for sale in Pa and surrounding states


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