How much money do you spend “on emotions”?

Most people think that they lack money. In fact, they lack banal financial literacy and a little common sense.

To start earning more than now, you will have to stop being who you are now. It is not easy, but doable!

Here is an approximate sequence of recommended steps:

1. First, understand that personal finances are the part of your life where emotions need to be controlled (move them to the background).

2. Every time when you are going to spend the money you earn, remove emotions away and turn on your analytical skills - “What will this purchase give me? Do I really need it? ”

3. Do a simple exercise right now. Open your wardrobes, look at the balcony and mezzanine. Count how many things you bought on emotions (because you just wanted to buy them!) And now you do not use these things. Now think how much money you paid for these things?

4. For these money spent (in fact, thrown away by you), you could buy yourself good Assets, which little by little would begin to bring you new money.

5. Develop within yourself an immunity to the reckless desire to spend (available or credit) money. Replace this with a good habit of investing your free money and creating Assets.

There are no accidents in life. What you have now (your material wealth, level of savings and income) is the result of your attitude to money, to loans, to assets and wealth. In other words, you created your life today. And if this is so, then you can change it at any time!

Where to get money? You may use credit cards or participate in such programs as Or if you look enlarged, there are four main areas, by adhering to which you can increase your current income.

1. Your main activity. This is the main place of application of your time and effort - your permanent job or your business. This is the field of activity in which you are (or aspire to become) a professional, grow up the career ladder, improve your skills and qualifications.

2. Additional income (during off-hours): one-time or occasional part-time work.

3. Investment income. This is when your money begins to work instead of you (which, you see, it is very nice!). You make investments (invest your money) and get regular income.

4. Reducing costs:

  • reducing daily expenses;
  • elimination of excess (unnecessary) spending money;
  • rejection of non-core assets and unprofitable activities;
  • transition to more economical modes, cheaper counterparts, etc.

If you have a strong desire to increase your income in order to start making investments, I recommend that you start earning a little money on simple ideas to implement in your free time. And earn money - invest!

How to find your new puppy, and be ready for him/her

Finding the perfect puppy - you want to find him or her, but also importantly, you want to be ready to bring your puppy home.  Not being prepared can ruin those special "new puppy" moments.

Make sure you are ready for a puppy. Get some books about the breed you are interested in. Read up on puppy training. Check out our Dog Encyclopedia, it's a free resource and you might learn something new about your dog breed!

If you rent, check with your landlord about having a dog. Read your rental agreement. You don't want to get kicked out of your living quarters because of your new friend. Also make sure that the breed you are interested in is allowed at the location you live. Pennsylvania, for example, does not allow Wold Hybrids without a permit, but some other states treat them like any other dog. Pit bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans are also breeds that you will want to make sure are ok where you live. All three breeds are legal in Pa, but some communities regulate them.

Now the fun part: Pick out a puppy! Browse the puppy for sale listings on Lancaster Puppies. If you do not see the breed you want, sign  up on our email waiting list, and we will notifiy you when that breed becomes available. The email sign up box is on the left side of, it is a blue box like the one shown on left.

When browsing the puppy listings, you can sort the puppies by price, listing date, and you can filter them by state. See the screenshot below:









When you click on the picture of a puppy, the listing will load. The picture on left shows what information will be displayed on the listing. (click on picture to zoom in)The breeder's phone number will be on there, that is the number you want to call. Do not text unless it says it is a cell phone number, as some of the numbers are landlines.  Information, such as registration type, birth date, etc will also be displayed.

If you are unsure how far away the puppy is, simply use a service like Google Maps, to get a rough idea. Or, call the breeder and ask them.


After you find a puppy you like, give the breeder a call or email. Make arrangements to visit the puppy. Some breeders will require a deposit to hold the puppy. Make sure you are clear with the breeder if they are holding the puppy for you or not. Do not expect them to hold the puppy if you do not clearly state your intentions and send them a deposit.

Cash always works for payment. Some breeders also accept paypal or credit cards. Generally checks are NOT ok. Make sure you have the payment they accept before taking the day off and traveling to pickup the puppy.

If you want to bring home the puppy right away, verify that the puppy is old enough to leave home. PA requires the puppy to be 8 weeks old, other states vary.  Our advertisers have strict policies about the puppies leaving home before they are ready.

Make sure you home is ready for a new puppy. We recommend a puppy carrier, puppy treats, puppy chow of course, and some chew toys. Ask the breeder what kind of puppy chow they have been feeding and try to match it. Switching food and homes at the same time can be to much for a puppy.

Here is a brand of food we would highly recommend to swtich to they have all kinds of pet care stuff from food to treats, and wellness and even shampoo.

And of course, after you have your new puppy, tell us how it went! We would love to hear about it. Just shoot us an email at or submit a testimonial online.

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