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8 weeks old

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Philip and Diana Weitbrecht
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9am - 9pm
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The cutest little lady with a gentle spirit and a huge heart!  She is sweet by nature and loves to be held and cuddled!   Cookie is a precious little girl that's sure to win over your heart.  "Lady", our red/cream colored Cockapoo is the mother of this litter and "Enzo", a friends Minature Poodle is the father.  Making them F1B generation cockapoos.  At birth, they are vet checked and have tails docked and dew claws removed.  Regular deworming and current vaccines are a regular part of our health care. Our puppies are borned and raised in our home as part of our family!  We've spent lots of time with each one and love each of their special traits.

  Each puppy will come with a small amount of puppy food (Nutri-Source puppy - small breeds), his/her own cuddle blanket and a health guarantee. They are well aquainted with our other dogs, cats and children. We will only reserve a puppy for a nonrefundable deposit of $100.00.  No Sunday Sales.  Lovable, affectionate and heart of my heart!


"The world's best anti-depressant has four legs, a wagging tail, and comes with unconditional love!"

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Dundee, OH 44624
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April 11, 2018
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June 6, 2018
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      Cockapoo General Information:  Personality - Cockapoos are highly trainable, with a keen intelligence.  They are curious and eager to perform.  They do well with one-person owners as well as families with young chidlren.  They are very people-oriented, outgoing and happy dogs.  Hair - Coat is usually dense; may be wavy or curly; usually little -to-no-shed.  Lifespan - Generally 14 to 18 years.  Activity Level - They adapt well to apartments and homes, but are also "at home" on the largest farm.  They have a moderate activity level.  Cockapoos are not meant to be outside dogs.
      We are a private hobby breeder of a few litters of Cockapoos each year.  The Cockapoo puppies and their Mom's are raised in our homes all year, for constant health care and socialization.  These pups and their Mom's are considered part of our family and they are extremely LOVED!
       House training - it takes consistency & attention! Use a specific door of the house to exit to "potty", go to the same spot in the yard and have a treat or two ready so as soon as they "go" you give the treat and sound excited while telling him what a good job he did. Everytime the pup wakes up get him out right away doing the same, 15-20 minutes after each meal and each time he takes a drink get him out and do the same. Anytime he is sniffing around without paying attention to the toy it just had or you - get him out and do the above. I was always busy at home and couldn't give the pup my undivided attention so I'd set the kitchen timer for 20-30 min. and in no time I had a house trained pup. If no one can watch the pup then put him in a crate until you can, if you leave him out to roam you might miss the signs and when they are allowed to "go" in the house often it takes longer to break. I like the book titled "How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days (Revised)" by Shirlee Kalstone. I believe this book gives you the tools to accomplish house training but don't be disappointed if it takes longer than 7 days.


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